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    1. Contact Now

      Add.: Floor 123,  Happy Road, ABC123 Area, Shenzhen, China
      Tel.: 86 - 755 - 12345678
      Fax: 86 - 755 - 88888888
      web: www.huayangsheji.com
      Email: sales@huayangsheji.com
      MSN: sales@huayangsheji.com

      JWZ Mould Technology Ltd


      Since formed in 2005,JWZ Mould Technology Ltd has grown into an internationally recognized plastic and injection mould tool maker,which is located in ShenZhen city, GuangDong province, China.Our company has two factories:Mould factory and Injection factory.Mould factory is located in  BuildingD,Zhengchangda Digital Technology Park,Fuyong Town,Baoan District,Shenzhen.Injection factory is located in Guancheng Industry Zone,Gongming Town,Guangming District,Shenzhen.


      We supply complete engineering designs, manufacture various precision plastic moulds
      and metal moulds as well as precision injection parts.We are also excellent at processing
      all kinds of tools,jigs parts of automation equipment.
      Our primary objective in engineering is mould quality,which,together with our extensive
      us of mould design standards ensures mould performance,longevity and ease of maintenance.
      This engineering quality objective, combined with our continuous investment in up-to-date
      CAD/CAM and DNC equipment that enables us to guarantee mould components  and cavity-to-
      cavity interchangeability.Through continuous technological advances, past and present, we have
      givenour customers the productivity and speed to market edge.



      We will provide various kinds of plastic moulds and metal moulds and precision injection parts

      Of high quality and excellent after sales service,when required.


      JWZ Mould Technology Ltd
      E-mail: jwz@jwzmould.com
      Skype ID:jwz98819850923
      Add: BuildingD,Zhengchangda Digital Technology Park,
      Fuyong Town,Baoan Distric, Shenzhen 518103,China.
      Tel: +86 13430828120
      Tel: +86 755-2712146


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